Monday, December 21, 2015

AFC / NFC Championship Party, Jan. 24th at the Chapter House

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On Sunday, January 24th, we will be hosting an AFC/NFC Championship Watch Party at the chapter
house. The AFC Championship Game will be at 3:00 PM and the NFC Championship Game will be at 6:30 PM.We welcome all of you to join us at 2:30 PM so that you can get settled in for the AFC Championship Game at 3:00 PM. We will be providing food and refreshments.

We have done a lot of improvements to the first floor of the chapter house, notably the tiling of the foyer floor, the old kitchen floor and the new kitchen floor. In time for the AFC/ NFC Championship Game, we should also have the great room floor redone.

We would love to see a lot of you attend this event on the 24th. Even if you can only attend for part of the event, it would be great to see a lot of alumni there to watch the games, catch up with you fellow Beta Deltas and see all of the house improvements.

I hope to see a lot of you on the 24th of January!


Glenn L. Long ‘72
Theta Chi Alumni Association
Beta Delta Chapter