Monday, August 31, 2015


By Mark Devaney

The 2015 Theta Chi Open once again brought together brothers from multiple decades to re-connect, reminisce, and swap stories that only we could appreciate.  We also played some golf, or something resembling golf, but the real reason we gathered at Rutgers Golf Course on June 20 was to raise money for the house, and we did: $4,938. A special thanks to several brothers who did not play, but graciously donated to the cause, including Carmine Torella, Tom Stukane, Jim Behrens and to Rick Winters for once again hosting the 19th Hole Cookout on his back deck (which actually buckled from the collective weight of our brother golfers!) 

On the scoreboard, last year’s champs kept their honors. Marc Graham took his second consecutive Forever Trophy, and Bill Young won his second consecutive Beta Delta Cup for low net. Congrats, guys, well played.

Stu Hoch, Kevin McGagh, and Mark Devaney at the 18th Tee Box, which will forever forth be known as the Power Drive Challenge, in honor of Tim Power

As many of you know, our beloved brother Tim Power entered the chapter eternal on May 9. He had been given only a few months to live almost two years ago, yet battled for nearly 18 months, including a final round at last year’s Open. In true “Theta Chi for Alma Mater” fashion Tim donated his body for study at Rutgers. He was an inspiration to us all, and in his memory, going forward the last hole at the Theta Chi Open is now known as the “Power Drive Challenge.” Appropriately, an undergrad named Jake Pyhel outdrove everyone to become the first holder of the “Horn of Power.” No doubt Tim was pumped to watch Jake drink from the Viking-styled trophy named after him.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Introducing the Beta Delta Bugle Blog

The Online Newsletter for Rutgers Theta Chi Alumni  

Welcome to the next generation for Rutgers Theta Chi Alumni Communications.  OK, so maybe Blogging isn't exactly "next-gen" technology, but I'm hoping this will at least help us take a step forward.
Arthur Chase and Frederick Norton Freeman
(Insert Founders photo to appease anyone who gets anxious about new technology)

If you've found your way to this article, then you're probably pretty comfortable with digital communications and "the Internet"... but what does this mean for those of us who still want to get our beloved Beta Delta Bugle delivered by mail? No worries. you'll still get your printed Bugle.  This Blog just gives us another way to to get information out to the Brotherhood.

Here's a quick list of resources you can use to get Rutgers Theta Chi Alumni info:
  1. Beta Delta Bugle - Our quarterly newsletter is printed and delivered by mail.  If you aren't getting the Bugle and want the printed copy, please update your mailing address and meanwhile you can get the June 2015 edition here.
  2. is a good resource which includes an archive of Bugle Newsletters. Just point to the "About" button to get to these downloadable files.  It's also the place to go to Donate or to sign up for the annual Theta Chi Open Golf Outing.
  3. Social Media - For those of you who participate, you can "like" our Facebook Page, or join our LinkedIn Group.  This is a great way to reconnect and catch up with old friends, but not everyone is on Social Media. 
  4. Email - The good news is we probably all have an email address, but unfortunately it's hard to keep an email contact list up to date.  Please help us by filling out this email contact form
  5. Blog - Visit this Blog to check for updates, or type your address in the "Follow by Email" box in the upper left side of this page to get notified whenever we publish a new article.
We'll keep working to improve each of these resources, but we have a ways to go so please be patient.  Fortunately, turnout has been increasing for our recent Alumni Events, and my hope is that by improving our communications will can keep this momentum going.

Todd Davis '90 

RU Ready for some Football Tailgating?

UPDATE: 2015 Rutgers OX Alumni Tailgates will be in the Yellow Lot...

This is an official update direct from Glenn Long himself.  We tried to get closer to the stadium but decided to save the money for beverages.

The Yellow Lot has a rich history for OX tailgates in the past.  It's the large grass and dirt lot across Sutphen Road just northeast of the stadium. This aerial image that shows our general area, plus the Rutgers 2015 Football schedule to help you make game day plans.

Hopefully we'll see a lot of you in the YELLOW LOT at our tailgates this Fall!


Sat, Sept 5 12:00 PM ET 2,828 available from $5
Sat, Sept 12 3:30 PM ET ESPN2 ESPNU2,549 available from $11
Sat, Sept 19 8:00 PM ET BTN1,896 available from $93
Sat, Sept 26 12:00 PM ET2,634 available from $11
Sat, Oct 10 8:00 PM ET BTN2,639 available from $59
Sat, Oct 17 3:30 PM ET457 available from $44
Sat, Oct 24 8:00 PM ET ABC ESPN1,927 available from $169
Sat, Oct 31 TBD3,110 available from $47
Sat, Nov 7 TBD5,147 available from $43
Sat, Nov 14 TBD2,555 available from $67
Sat, Nov 21 12:00 PM ET CBS Sports Network663 available from $55
Sat, Nov 28 TBD2,941 available from $17