Sunday, September 11, 2016

Join Us for Football Tailgates in the Yellow Lot and See the Chapter House Improvements

(This Glenn Long article is from the Sept 2016 Bugle)


For those of you who have football season tickets, you are well aware of the continuing increases in the cost of tickets, parking, required donations, etc. It is for this reason that we are now going to be tailgating in the Yellow Lot instead of the Scarlet Lot. The Yellow Lot is just past the Hale Center
northeast of the stadium. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in the Yellow Lot at our tailgates this football season.

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For those of you who are able to visit the campus for a football game, I would encourage you to pay a visit to the chapter house, where you will see many improvements that have been undertaken this summer. These include a new front walkway, new shrubs in the front of the house, and new tile in what was the old kitchen.

The most exciting improvement, however, is at the front entrance to the house where we will now feature a memorabilia room. You will immediately notice when you walk in the chapter house that there will be our “OX” logo incorporated into the new red tile at the front entrance. The front room will have a red and white theme and will have shelves for the memorabilia that is currently being collected to feature there. This effort was spearheaded by John Sprovieri ’72 (my pledge brother) and I know that he is excited to have brothers return to the chapter house to see this new memorabilia room.

We have also initiated the second annual Theta Chi Challenge. This is a donor program for Rutgers that was initiated last year and implemented again this year. The idea is to have affinity groups, such as fraternities, solicit fellow members of their affinity group with the intent of increasing the donor rate from the affinity group. The Beta Delta Chapter of Theta Chi is serving as a model for this concept at Rutgers, and it was very successful when it was implemented last year. I’m looking forward to similar results this year when all of the results are tallied.

I hope to see a lot of you this fall!


Glenn L. Long ‘72
Theta Chi Alumni Association
Beta Delta Chapter