Monday, August 31, 2015


By Mark Devaney

The 2015 Theta Chi Open once again brought together brothers from multiple decades to re-connect, reminisce, and swap stories that only we could appreciate.  We also played some golf, or something resembling golf, but the real reason we gathered at Rutgers Golf Course on June 20 was to raise money for the house, and we did: $4,938. A special thanks to several brothers who did not play, but graciously donated to the cause, including Carmine Torella, Tom Stukane, Jim Behrens and to Rick Winters for once again hosting the 19th Hole Cookout on his back deck (which actually buckled from the collective weight of our brother golfers!) 

On the scoreboard, last year’s champs kept their honors. Marc Graham took his second consecutive Forever Trophy, and Bill Young won his second consecutive Beta Delta Cup for low net. Congrats, guys, well played.

Stu Hoch, Kevin McGagh, and Mark Devaney at the 18th Tee Box, which will forever forth be known as the Power Drive Challenge, in honor of Tim Power

As many of you know, our beloved brother Tim Power entered the chapter eternal on May 9. He had been given only a few months to live almost two years ago, yet battled for nearly 18 months, including a final round at last year’s Open. In true “Theta Chi for Alma Mater” fashion Tim donated his body for study at Rutgers. He was an inspiration to us all, and in his memory, going forward the last hole at the Theta Chi Open is now known as the “Power Drive Challenge.” Appropriately, an undergrad named Jake Pyhel outdrove everyone to become the first holder of the “Horn of Power.” No doubt Tim was pumped to watch Jake drink from the Viking-styled trophy named after him.

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